love letters to charleston :

It is inevitable the number of times I compare other top destinations to Charleston, South Carolina. I LOVE to travel to new and exciting places, but despite that novelty I'm often left with an extra validation of my hometown. It's on the verge of laughable.

I once had a very successful, well-traveled man tell me that as a native of this historic city, I would spend my entire life traveling the world, trying to find places better than Charleston.  I would strive to find a life outside of my hometown, to get out of the place in which I grew up, and make a new residence for myself--as a strategy for identity and release.  But "at the end of the day," pointing his finger in my direction he said, "you will never find a place better than Charleston, South Carolina."

Well I agree.  I know that our path will place us in other parts of the country, and my wanderlust will land us in other countries as often as possible. But I will forever have Charleston in my bones. So that is why my daily [fine, hourly] references to this magical place will often be collected here.  No really, I insist. Unfortunately no one can stop me.

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