floods in charleston

Welp, just like every media outlet is expressing, Charleston is officially shut down. It's under water.  Check out the Halsey Map or review the history of the peninsula to understand why, but on top of that unprecedented rains and tides have contributed to this historic mess--dare I say it's once in a lifetime. Those on the outskirts of the peninsula have been banned from entering, and the winds, rain, tides, and general dreariness have yielded the coziest day at home. This is the first day I can recall that neither of us left the house. It's almost WEIRD! Got lots cooked, cleaned, laundered, and now we're catching up on our respective pleasures--for me, Nancy Meyers movies, editing photos, and reading books on preservation and food. It's been a long day, actually. It's amazing how full a day can feel after doing practically nothing and staying in your pajamas.