bark art

I think this is considered stump art but for some reason saying "bark art" is really fun so I'm going to go with it.  In essence I was inspired by a few cutesy pieces around flea markets and trendy shops and thought I could do such with a lyric that became the [unexpected] theme of our wedding and an inherent theme in our relationship. So I attempted to whip this up on tree stump slice I found at the craft store (half price, a whopping $3) and I just whimsically played around with the lettering until I was content with my gold sharpie. This will take up residence in our bathroom along with a receipt I framed--it's from a night back in Charleston where we ended up eating a feast at the bar of a French restaurant, and somehow spent most of the evening discussing (arguing) about our future children's names.  I held onto the bill all this time because I realized it was quite a delightful thing for us to argue about and I wanted to cherish the memory.

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