all the delights of two boroughs larder

We are forever obsessed with the noodle bowls at Two Boroughs Larder. We love Walter! Tuesday nights are their advertised noodle night, when unexpected ingredients can be found on the menu—but the standard menu provides us with their incredible noodle bowls any day or night of the week, and that is a good thing.  Sometimes the stars align and we master the art of eating at this Coming Street gem, by showing up during happy hour on burger night, AND bank on a noodle bowl. The food gods are on our side on these rare occasions. 

Burger Night

Burger Night (Wednesday night) at Two Boroughs Larder is one decadent occasion--especially if you get there during happy hour and also order a noodle bowl. Burger Night at Two Boroughs does NOT disappoint. For more burger night food porn, check out their Instagram account. WALTER KNOWS BEST! 

breakfast all day @ two boroughs

One Thursday afternoon back in Charleston, I found myself longing for the comforts of our go-to Two Boroughs Larder for a quick lunch. Alone. At the bar. Which I enjoy doing from time to time! The only problem was I felt like I was cheating on my husband if I ordered a noodle bowl without him so I decided to go with the safer breakfast sandwich, something I’d never been available to try. Goodness gracious. Dissect a breakfast sandwich and consider every piece and part and then consider this: the best ingredients from the best purveyors in the area are prepared the best way possible and the result is an impeccable breakfast sandwich that is so well-done, it doesn’t matter what time you eat it, it’s a quality meal.