missing marseilles

After seeing Anthony Bourdain's latest Parts Unknown episode on Marseilles, I had to revisit an old post because it renewed some satisfaction in the travel department. After hearing Mr. Bourdain's take on the gritty city, I was quite proud of my 21-year old self for exploring this beautiful Mediterranean city all by myself….

Who wouldn't miss Marseilles, France? Well duh, but my memories of a quick trip to Marseilles resonate deeper than most because it reminds of an empowering time. Sure, I was a college girl who decided to hop on a train on a whim one Saturday morning and just go south. But beyond that solitude, I remember getting off the train and just looking for the highest point in the landscape. Well when playing this game in Marseilles, you see something quite iconic, quite the landmark--so when I told myself to steer my legs that way, I don't think I realized what I was challenging myself to do. But I did it. It happened to be a hot, humid day and I recall taking a sweaty selfie of myself at the top of this mountain (long before selfies were "cool") and being so proud of myself! The chapel at the top is pretty special and floods of people were entering to check it out, but I was more mesmerized by the view from the top. Being used to South Carolina flat land, I was pretty awestruck by the perspective, surrounded by the gorgeous blue Mediterranean Sea, amazing architecture, and incredible terrain. Marseilles, I will be seeing you again--even if just for a few hours, I want to revisit that time my 21-year-old self conquered mastered many layers of solo strength.