revamping old furniture pt. 3

Packing up for Texas kickstarted the good ole recurring argument between Austin and myself about saving old things instead of throwing them out and buying new stuff. Well duh. He knows by now what he’s signed up for. When I hauled seven unfinished, outdated pieces of old furniture from my grandma’s (in addition to the already approved [ten] pieces of formal finished furniture from my grandma’s) I knew he’d put up a fight. That’s a lot of weight to move across the country. But I promised him I would give each piece a new life. So that’s what I did.

Above: this gorgeous bench with a marble top is by far my favorite piece. We decided to put it in under the kitchen window and paint it black, thinking maybe one day it could end up in our bedroom with the other painted pieces. The new knobs are from the craft store and I’ve stowed most of my food books on top and table linens in the cabinets.