underbelly ~ houston, tx

Where does a southern food heritage fanatic begin? I took the city bus from our hotel at Minute Maid to Weistheimer at Waugh to FINALLY venture to Underbelly, a celebrated eatery that is so well done. From the space and its design, to the art of preserving, old recipes, local purveyors, and a chef so reminiscent of Charleston's champion Sean Brock, this place sells it. The space is covered in pickling jars and cookbooks, like your grandma's old kitchen. I was so enthused by the lunch menu, and I went with an amazing glorification of a chicken pot pie concept. I also tried Chef Shephard's famous vinegar pie, an apple cider vinegar concoction passed down from his grandfather.  (Another Brock-like trait; these guys are bro soul mates!) The staff was so kind to me, because they quickly picked up on the fact that I was enamored with the place. One thing I really applaud is their determination to inform their consumers. The menu, bill envelope, basically anything they can get their hands on---preaches their motto of celebrating the history of Houston food, and that Houston is the "new American Creole city of the South". Support your Local Farmers caps off each piece of print material. Thank God Houston is graced with an establishment like this. Keep 'em coming.