hand-lettered envelopes

My [former] boss' wife is like a second momma to me these days. I love that woman SO much and her talents exceed a list I could quantify at the moment. One of said talents is evident any time you receive a postcard, post-it note, or Christmas Card from her--her handwriting is stellar. So I asked her if she'd be willing to address the invitation envelopes for me. She kindly agreed, and I was thrilled with the results. She ended up hand lettering the wedding menu for me as well. I must say she and Carter (our officiant) were invaluable parts of our wedding, and the only thing missing was Charlie, their sweet puppy we've attempted to kidnap numerous times. 

Note: we went with standards stamps vs. photo stamps to avoid overkill and save money. My favorite stamps to use were definitely the farmers market stamp for obvious reasons.