letterpressing invitations @ home

I ambitiously took on the task of letterpressing my own stuff, with hopes that I would fall in love with the craft and also have ample materials to do thank you notes. So that's just what I did. You can learn more about that through Boxcar Press, the company I used to work on my rookie plate design (it was fun!) The plate arrives as this permanent plastic/rubber thing that has a self-adhesive side for easier mounting. I borrowed the Epic Six letterpress machine from a student of ours who had had success doing her own invitations. It was SO FUN. The easiest part was certainly the envelopes since there was no ink involved. The invitations were discouraging at first and then ALAS I realized I was braying WAY too much ink. It takes barely any ink to letterpress an entire sheet of pressed lettering. (I decided to keep the dots un-inked for a subtle ode to string lights.) I got into a rhythm after that and spent a night housesitting on Bull Street knocking them out---I turned their sweet house into an invitation factory for sure. And the best part was having so many mini plates to make thank you notes after the wedding! 

envelopes : pressing with no ink 

invitations: letter pressing with ink (thanks to brayer)