our officiant

Austin and I decided early on that we wanted someone who really knew us to marry us. I knew that would lend a more intimate feel right off the bat. It quickly became clear that there was only one person we really wanted! So we started scheming a time to have drinks and ask my boss Carter to officiate our wedding. I went over a few days early to talk to his wife Donna about the prospect and we both teared up and giggled gleefully at the thought. I for one, was scared that the man would respectfully decline (he's the most modest man alive) but he shyly agreed once we explained that he COULD in fact do it legally! We just had to make him a notary and the rest was history. The man was so eloquent, and I'm so glad we have both audio and video from the ceremony.  You can hear him and just a fraction of his words in our video below. I also got him to sign the mock marriage certificate that doubled as our guest book.