stuffing the envelopes

The entire invitation suite consisted of some wacky details, many of which probably went unnoticed, which is totally fine. I am the steward of details so it was more for my sanity. The letterpress paper (Crane Lettra Pearl Letterpress paper) and envelopes were purchased by me (blank) and I did the letterpresses invitations and envelopes which you can learn about here. From there I lined the envelopes with a suitable grey wrapping paper I found--it had a sheen and quality texture about it that I really liked. I used a glue stick but if I had to do it again I'd be more meticulous about this part---who knows what condition the liners were in upon arrival. The piece of tissue to traditionally separate pieces is simply a piece of drafting trace paper that I stamped with our custom logo in pearl ink so it's ridiculously subtle. Then the pre-stamped reply card postcards and invitation were slipped in. The whole thing was sealed with a wax seal, embossed by the fleur de lis stamp. Luckily after all those pieces and parts, it still weighed in at the one-stamp weight. Phew! Bryan at Quik Mail in dowtnwon Charleston was my hero throughout the entire postal process.  (pictured below--that was a big day for me--I had a hard time letting them go!)

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