gnocchi @ al di la

All gnocchi aficionados might as well quit wasting their time. The most exquisite gnocchi can be found, and will most likely always be found at the casual and quaint, romantically tucked away eatery that has become quite the legend in the Avondale neighborhood and beyond. Al di La takes it for their mascarpone-ricotta gnocchi. The Northern Italian trattoria is chic but not overdone, modest but hip and you can feel that when you're there. Ok back to this gnocchi.  It's always on the restaurant week menu and it's always on the regular menu. The delicate nature of these potato pillows is unbelievable. You sit there eating these little bites of heaven and wonder how on earth could someone craft something this well. When you go to Al di La,  do NOT leave without trying the ricotta gnocchi.