oak steakhouse

Oak Steakhouse has been around for well over a decade now--it was first opened by the original Charleston chefebrity Brett McKee but since operated by Indigo Road and Chef Jeremiah Bacon, who we also have to thank for the Bacon Happy Hour at The Macintosh. Since the beginning, this place has been stellar at the upscale bar scene, as well as a fantastic steakhouse menu. The steaks are well done as is the wine program, but what I gravitate to is the family-style sides. Sure an Oscar-style filet pleases my male counterpart, but for me, I'd rather revel in the lobster mac and cheese or farm-fresh veggies for the table. I miss going to Oak, simply because its location at times takes it off our frequented path. But every once in a while, we like to head south to Oak and enjoy burgers and fries at the bar during Happy Hour. The last time we did this, I had no clue, but Austin had just gotten into town. In need of a throwback spot and some burgers in our bellies, we walked down Anson from my place on Meeting Street, waltzed right into a scene that a television production company was filming, and ran into some friends along the way. The neatest thing about this memory, however, was as we were enjoying our burgers at the bar, I had no idea Austin had plans to wake me up the next morning and propose marriage. What a romantic night in hindsight!