caviar & bananas

I"ll never forget the day Caviar & Bananas opened on George Street. This place, a parallel spawn of Dean & Deluca, had a special way of turning a relatively classy day of college into a sophisticated cultural experience. Sure you can pop in for coffee and a muffin in the morning, a caprese sandwich on their delicious breads or a slice of tomato pie out of their case, but for me, I am always fascinated by the goods they sell on their shelves. The integrity of the buyer is totally up my alley, as C&B only sells worthy olive oils, salts, hot sauces, and all sorts of other miscellany. The best part is their successful attempt to carry all the local products they can . C&B has totally classed up a pocket of Charleston that was intended to accommodate college students' palates. Luckily their appetites are jazzed up and challenged by the provisions of the now iconic Caviar & Bananas.