desano pizza bakery

There's a hidden pizza spot on the peninsula of Charleston that puts out some Napoli style pies worth the northbound jaunt. As you climb north on Meeting or East Bay and approach the intersecting arteries of Charleston and its surrounding islands, you'll find Desano Pizza Bakery on no-frills Stuart Street. Since the real estate isn't necessarily prime, the size of this property is GINORMOUS. Because of this large footprint, you venture into a cavernous space for ordering, covered in firewood for the brick-ovens, Italian food products, gelato, and so on. Upon ordering, you proceed into the dining space which is also vast, open to casual seating and overlooks the (you guessed it) vast, open kitchen with brick ovens for peeling pizzas. The Napoli style pizza is the closest to authentic on the peninsula at least (the only other rival I could consider is EVO in Park Circle). It's a great spot for yo-pros, families, and homesick Italians. And perhaps it lacks mobs of college kids due to the distance from campus. Bonus?