stars rooftop + grill room

There was SO MUCH HYPE before Stars Rooftop and Grill Room opened. Why, you ask? My guesses are as follows: Upper King rooftop bar, wine on tap, (tap!?) and Nate Thurston. Nate Thurston always had buzz around him, since his days out on Kiawah Island. But what got a lot of attention was the building Stars would reside in, the renovations, the marquee sign, and the rooftop. Since Stars opened in 2012, the rooftop and dining room are separately frequented as go-to spots for Upper King socialites and foodies. I'd comfortably claim that the menu in the dining room consists of very thoughtful, rich dishes that exude decadence and luxury. If you're wanting to hop around Upper King for a posh evening, include either dinner in the dining room or a drink on the roof.