blue bell with wooden spoons

I knew that we didn’t really care about fitting some wedding cake expectation. We would have been fine with cookies or cake pops. I had no requirement for a pristinely white too-pretty-to-eat centerpiece of a wedding cake. Have you seen their price tags, by the way? Sheesh. Then it hit us one day—we wanted to represent our obsession with Oreos. And ice cream. How about mini ice cream cups with wooden spoons like I used to eat at my grandma’s?  Sold. It was an obvious choice. A no-brainer: we had to go with Blue Bell. You see, Blue Bell is near and dear to every Texan’s heart, but especially for Austin. He played baseball for a junior college just around the corner from the beloved Blue Bell factory in Brenham, surrounded by Texas countryside, peppered with blue bonnets and Indian paintbrush wildflowers. So there ya have it. We just snagged six dozen mini ice cream cups and stashed them in the freezer for the caterer. Then I decided the spoons needed a special touch so I stamped our initials on them. They were passed around on trays after dinner so people could enjoy our refined “Big Fat Oreo” naked cake with the delightful tastes of Blue Bell homemade vanilla, not to mention the charm and nostalgia of eating it with little wooden spoons.  It was probably my favorite personalized detail of the night.