doily cones for rose petals

I lost my grandmother (my only grandparent left) about eight months before the wedding, so I had a few things planned to honor her. The most important thing was illustrating her love for roses and gardening. When quickly running through my memory file of fantasy wedding visions growing up, I always envisioned having rose petals tossed at some point. So it was a no-brainer, upon pronouncement as we walked back down the aisle, I wanted folks to toss rose petals on us, but in honor of my grandma who couldn’t be there. It’d immediately make me feel like she was there, showering over us in the form of white rose petals. Storing them in cones made of doilies was the sweetest way to present these petals for our guests upon their arrival.  They were super easy to make—just cut a doily in half, roll them into a cone and staple or glue gun them. My sweet greeters passed them out for us. Everyone was so sweet to meet this request and I hope they know how special it was to me.