our band: the lowhills

The day I heard the Lowhills for the first time, I immediately put down my fork and said out loud that they HAD to play our wedding.  Little did I know that the original song they were playing during that brunch would become so sentimental to us, it became our first dance song. Their sound, song repertoire, and flexibility were so appealing and I wanted our wedding to sort of double as a fun promotional party for them too because I have all the faith in the world in this band. So I made sure their CDs were up for grabs at the wedding reception, and I used some of those fun wedding stickers on the CD cases.  The band was so awesome, they played acoustically for the ceremony, amplified blues and jazz for the cocktail hour, then they took a break and let us play a pre-made iTunes playlist we labored over for months, and came back on for a last upbeat set of fun party songs. They gave us the best of both worlds and I’m eternally grateful! What talent.