go pro for the win

When our videographer Michael recommended he bring a go pro device to accompany his video, I was game. But I had no idea how much fun it would be for the boys to run around with this thing and capture all sorts of parts of the wedding that would be blurs in our memory. We have hours of raw footage to look at when we need a good laugh, but the experimental video from when we first came out after signing our marriage license has to be one of my favorites. Plus, with go pro video, you can grab awesome screenshots like the one below. It's funny how as the booze started flowing the go pro probably began to compete with the photography and videographer a bit. And it's hilarious how by the end of the night it turned into an interviewing game, as it seems we have tons of testimonies and "personal messages" to the bride and groom at the end of the video files. I'd highly recommend succumbing to the trends of today and throwing a go pro in the mix. We have so many fun (granted, Blair Witchy) videos to watch for years to come! A sampling below. 


Here's a tip: click the settings button to enhance video to HD. That should reduce any nausea...