jeni's splendid

When news hit that Charleston was getting a Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, we were all counting down the days with anticipation. My friends who spent some time in Chicago raved and raved about the ice cream master and I was just so thrilled that we were getting something so exquisitely hip. But that's no surprise in Charleston these days, right? Anyway after any meal, small or big, I try to find an excuse to make my way to Jeni's, stand in line for who-cares-how-long, try the fascinatingly unique and sophisticated flavors, and sample as many as physically possible before being escorted out. The quality of this ice cream is incomparable. And did I mention their ice cream sandwiches are made with oversized macarons? The experience of going there and enjoying the chic space is worth every penny. Jeni's is a state of mind, people.