song choices

Music was a HUGE component for us. Austin was EXTREMELY picky when it came to song choices. 1) He wanted to avoid anything even on the verge of cheesy. 2.) He wanted an original song for our first dance. (WHAT!?) And 3.) he wouldn't even let me have To Make You Feel My Love play at the ceremony because there had been too many mainstream covers of the Bob Dylan song. Well turns out we lucked out since the absolutely amazing Lowhills agreed to do our wedding. In fact, the first time we heard their original song Since You Came Along, we were at brunch and I immediately felt like I had known the song forever. The words made me cry and reminded me so much of Austin it was unreal. So bingo, we had our first dance song. Next up was coming up with the intimate song list for the ceremony that agreed with my musical style and his cheesy lyrics test. So me being me, I completely mapped everything out for Lauren and the Lowhills gang. She was incredible about it.  You gotta love Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes' songs Home and That's Whats Up. In fact, this cover by the adorable Lennon & Maisie made the song a household name while we were wedding planning. But I had NO IDEA that Lauren would be sweet enough to have her little sister join her for the ceremony and cover their rendition of the song. Luckily I have an audio of it since I was busy getting ready to come down the aisle! Then I had to have something like Cat Power's Sea of Love and many others. But the theme of the night was certainly Home is Wherever I'm with You. I mean it literally got played 3 times at our wedding, ha!  Anyway for the super curious, you can check out my Type A song list from start to finish here. (Fair warning, it's obsessive.)  The most amazing part of the whole night was our ability to have them play acoustically at the ceremony, amplified and with drums at the cocktail hour, then break for an iTunes playlist of fun dance songs I created, and finally come back for a last set that wrapped up the night with the booziest of songs like Kiss by Prince and Wagon Wheel. God we had so much fun. We have so many great videos to treasure forever! And an added bonus: the first dance song and their last song of the night, entitled Lay Down with Me can both be found on the Lowhills CDs that were given out as one of the favors