Using, our wedding registry was a bit more unconventional than your average gift list, but it seems this trend is taking off and becoming more and more common in the wedding registry. I have been working on my dream kitchen inventory for 15 years now (yep, I started collecting stuff as a teenager) and so a lot of your usual pots, pans, KitchenAid mixers, and knives would have just been an unnecessary addition to our gift list. We did venture to Williams-Sonoma and Target to get the whole scanning experience, which was super fun. From there, we were able to pull unique items like art, gift cards for our honeymoon, and websites that sold specific items for more reasonable prices than your average department store (some things are just completely irrationally priced!) This made our registry very personal and fun, and it was fun to see how people interpreted it and what they chose to purchase for us. Now each and every item is so appreciated and treasured because a) it's genuinely something we wanted and b) each item reflected the gift-giver's personal style or interest, which is quite special. Fun perks of this site: you can install a button on your laptop or through a mobile device that allows you to add a hyperlinked product from ANY website to your registry in a split second. It's awesome!