home team bbq

Charlestonians and visitors alike: Home Team Barbecue is a must. For a second, let's put the meat on the back burner and discuss the real reason why I conclude this place is a must-do: the collard greens. They're award-winning, folks! They win the prize each year for the best in town. On top of that, I'd say the macaroni and cheese are liquid gold, because they include mustard seeds (or a coarse grain mustard) in their recipe---the base is quite fluid, a creamy rue in the perfect elbow noodles, but then it's topped with the layer of molten cheese that marries a traditional mac and cheese with the whole southern-style casserole types.  Those two sides are divine, but add a cucumber/tomato salad and a hunk of pulled pork to this plate and you'll be in meat-sweats heaven. I swear I could eat the mac and cheese and collards daily.  And after big events where we had Home Team cater, I did! Ha!  Try the Sullivan's spot if you want a Sullivan's vibe--but if you're just focusing on the food and don't give a rip about the ambience, check out the West Ashley location. And call them for catering! A downtown location is in the works, and I cannot WAIT.