the jasmine porch ~ kiawah island

For me, Kiawah Island is a special place--not for the typical reasons, though. My father has spent over two decades working out there, so for me as a young girl, it became a fun place to venture to, to spend a day with my dad, enjoy the outdoors, or eat. Funny enough, I actually took Austin out to Kiawah the day after I met the guy---to play golf! Who knew what that would lead to! All that to say: these days Kiawah is more of an occasional outing to ride bikes along the beach with the wind (and then through the trails on the way back), golf, or dining at one of the awesome establishments.  I adore the Jasmine Porch in the exquisite Sanctuary Hotel because of its Sunday Brunch option and its solid, special lunch menu. I must admit, any lunch at this place feels like a special occasion.  I love their soups and sandwiches, and the ambience and service is always impeccable. The dining room at the Jasmine Porch is gorgeous, flooded with natural light bouncing off the adjacent beach. Check it out the next time you find yourself on Kiawah!