texas bluebonnets

Considering the legendary bluebonnet season is featured on national news tonight, it seemed fitting to share my first-timer experience today. In the six-ish years I've known Austin, we have always missed peak bluebonnet season while visiting Texas. It seems we'd always be just a week shy of the waves of purplish blue wildflowers that this state is known for. I knew this year would be my first chance to really experience this magic: the seas of bluebonnets along the highways of Texas. Anywhere. Everywhere, it seems. An historic contribution by Lady Bird Johnson, this iconic sight is also peppered with the orange Indian Paintbrush flowers, creating an artistic spectacle that compels everyone to pull over to the shoulder of the road at some point in April and capture the timely image. I did just this with some friends this past weekend, because timing these things out isn't easy. I kept anticipating and fearing I'd miss peak season, but it seems as time passes, they just keep getting better, fields keep getting fuller, and the need to pull out the camera becomes more frequent.