wedding albums

So I finally got around to making the first of three different wedding albums. Hallelujah. We gave it to Austin's parents on Easter and it is filled with photos considerate of the Morgans as an audience---photos of their family and such. We're ordering smaller versions through Shutterfly of this Morgan album for Austin's grandparents. Next up will be my parents' album, which will most likely be thoughtfully designed in InDesign and printed through Blurb or Artifact Uprising.  It will be filled with detail shots, since they gave us this wedding and I want them to be able to look back on every last detail. Finally our album will most likely be an InDesign file submitted to Blurb or Artifact Uprising with either an artistic image wrap cover or a linen cover. Gotta keep it classy, haven't decided. LOVE how this first one turned out though! Another goal is to actually share and print photos before our six month anniversary. So I officially have just a month left until I'm a slacker.