city pork ~ baton rouge, louisiana

My friends Paul and Natalie (former Charlestonian preservationists, now Baton Rouge residents) were gracious hosts of my pal Lauren and me on that rainy Sunday a couple weeks ago. Waiting for a baseball game to start when it's pouring rain is no fun, so having local friends to sip coffee with and chat in the comfort of their living room felt like a hug. From there we ventured to City Pork, a place that Paul deemed worthy of our visit, as he knows how passionate I am about certain food spots in Charleston… (my typical response to him when he recommends a place: "Is it moose-worthy?") Yep, still relentlessly maintaining my loyalty to the Tattooed Moose back at home, of course.  So we made it over to City Pork, a spot they thought was Charleston-esque, and I agree. It reminded me of a Butcher & Bee or Leon's. The salads were enormous as were the sandwiches, and Lauren got a crawfish omelette special that looked pretty stellar. We noticed they were pickling something in huge jars of vinegar so we asked about it. Next thing we know we are being handed shots of vinegar to try. It was actually quite good! The pickles came later, and they were even better. I liked the ambience of this place and the fearless approach of incorporating exotic ingredients that are often skipped. But I found that there is no fear of that in Baton Rouge, anywhere.