flooded streets has my heart

Was so excited to get a little package from Charleston the other day--my Flooded Streets Charleston Street book arrived, with a nice hand-written note thanking me for the support from the Lone Star state. Obviously I was pumped when I heard they were back in stock, and I can't wait to use this special little nugget. In the meantime it will constantly be at fingers' reach, simply because I love having those lines of the peninsula map at my fingertips... they're always on the brain anyway! As a teenager I used to totally geek out and walk around the peninsula, choosing a different street each time to "survey." I would photograph the front elevation of each house on the street, logging house numbers as I moved along.  How preservation-y of this dork, right?.  No wonder I'm who I am today. This little notebook and its dotted grid lines remind me of those blissful days.