rickwood field

I finally got to go to a place I’ve had on my bucket list for about a decade. Rickwood Field always came up in my research as the oldest ballpark in the country. When I was preparing to write a graduate thesis on historic ballparks, this landmark became a household name for Austin and me. Austin landed here a couple months before me when he toured with his team. So I made the detour on my own which in essence is always best—visiting a historic landmark like this is better done solo—it’s like a religious experience for me and that realization plus my camera-in-hand attitude yields a long, thoughtful afternoon of gawking. I was greeted by the nicest gentleman on the planet, a preservationist alike who got a Masters in History (American Studies) at UAB, and who is one of two staff members in the “Friends of Rickwood Field” Foundation. The man is perfect for this job. He generously spent a long time talking with me about the ballpark, its history, their preservation efforts, and what’s ahead. I am absolutely in love with their approach. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully one day I can attend their special anniversary game they do each year, where the Barons return to play a game that is themed around a certain year in time. Love that.