the joe

Folks, there’s no better place to see a baseball game (other than maybe Wrigley Field, in my loud opinion) than Joseph P. Riley Park. I remember the day this place opened. I remember spending countless hours watching Riverdogs games, Citadel Bulldogs games, CofC and Gamecock games, summer travel games, you name it---I would love to sneak into boxes or better yet, be invited to an event in a box---but in all my time at the Joe, there’s no better spot than down low along the 3rd base line. You get a gorgeous glimpse of the sun setting over the Ashley River, and the view from the back of the park looking away from the field is breathtaking. Now onto the food. The Joe is known for having some of the best and most interesting food items in all of baseball—especially minor league parks. I credit the Homewrecker or the Elvis. But what really tickled me a couple years ago was the incorporation of an herb garden that is used for taco toppings. What a cute idea! I swear the Joe, especially on a Tuesday or Thursday night, is the best date in town. I may seem biased since I met my now husband at a game , but I swear all of that aside---you can go and enjoy baseball or just go and ignore the baseball---enjoy the food, booze, music and sunset. And make sure you watch Charlie the Riverdog when he dances---it makes me laugh every single time. Another Charleston legendary icon: Tony the Peanut Man, who you can find at the Joe quite often, and ask him to do his song and dance.