brooklyn grange ~

Every summer, as well as every fall, winter, and spring---I get the urge to go back to NYC. All of my memories combine into one nostalgic feeling of favorite Manhattan moments. One off the island comes from a time I went to NYC with my brother ---I believe it was the second time I hit that town with him. He was kind enough to oblige and let me indulge in all my obsessions--that trip yielded a Roger Maris ceremony at Yankee Stadium, standing in line for SNL standby tickets at 4:30am, and a few food spots that interested me. The last thing on my priority list, however, was right up his alley just as much as mine--if not more. I wanted to drag him to an urban farm in Brooklyn that I had heard great things about.  Our venture turned into a private tour and conversations with the gang working. It was delightful. I can't wait to go back to Brooklyn Grange and see how much it's evolved over the years.