homemade macarons

My dear friend amalia is a macaron connoisseur. She has mastered the art of macaron-making, even in the thickest of Charleston humidities, and I've mastered the art of eating them. I try to tag along when she's making them from scratch so this last trip back to the east coast I begged for another sesh. She didn't disappoint. I tried to help with measuring the almond meal, folding in the meringue, etc--but I must admit I hate the precision of baking. I enjoyed the ganache and curd-making and the piping of the shells--it's like a chemistry lesson! Anyway we went with plain shells, some naturally-colored and some with yellow color. Then we made the BEST chocolate ganache icing I've ever tasted courtesy of Martha Stewart and a lemon-thyme curd for fillings. DELICIOUS!