and we're back

And...we're back. The 2+ months of radio silence stems from some unexpected shifts in our daily life.  By July 2nd, my Austin had accepted a job offer at the College of Charleston and I found myself trying to pack up our three-bedroom townhouse in Texas, house hunting in Charleston, applying for a mortgage, putting the finishing touches on our upcoming honeymoon plans, and job-hunting all while my husband plummeted right into 12 to 14-hour workdays a thousand miles away. I tried to soak up every last second with the people we love in Aggieland, spending time with our sweet friends and family in College Station and Houston before reality sunk in that I would have to tell them goodbye.  Sure, everyone expected this to be a super exciting and easy transition for me to move BACK to my hometown in South Carolina but I gotta tell you: it wasn't easy. It was a HUGE deal to leave Charleston, obviously. It was a BIG mental transition to leave behind my lifestyle, job, colleagues, friends, framily, family, and daily musings. Once I made the transition, I totally fell in love with everyone in Texas and had just started to get settled into Texas living. Now that I'm back in Charleston, I've gone into full Charleston beast mode again, constantly relishing in its beauty and culture, but also trying to find my way again--a new way, perhaps. It's a new and different chapter, after all. Easy, right!? Sure. The only thing that's stopping me at this point is a little hiccup we had while on our honeymoon. The honeymoon will be documented in the near future but our week of California fun coincidentally found itself positioned on the calendar the week before we were set to move BACK to the east coast. So it was a whirlwind, but a fun ride that kept my demeanor…interesting! And my organized agenda for life didn't exactly include spending the first night of our honeymoon in a police station, which is probably why I've been so radio silent. In the [indirect] robbery in San Francisco, I happened to lose all my camera gear and files, and I'm still working on that mental shakeup.  My replacement gear is on its way but until then, all I have to feature is honeymoon photographs off my husband's iPhone, as well as other observations from my own. There's some good stuff, at least. When something like that happens to you (as it does to everyone at some point) I realize, you begin to truly start appreciating things other than material objects or valuable devices. You truly do. On top of that, the icing was the fact that moving again yielded some spawned resentful version of myself (full disclosure?) and I realized that I wanted nothing more than a MINIMALISTIC lifestyle.  I'm done with STUFF. Done with it! So while I continue to purge all things possible, I'll be popping in with more updates...from Charleston, South Carolina…(WHAT?.)


Life. is. Crazy.