The eyes of this child are so beautiful, but his little personality is even more beautiful! He is such a sweet, fun, joyful little boy and I love to photograph him and see him smile.

a charleston stroll

Walks in this town will never get old, and no matter how long you've lived here, you're bound to stumble upon something new to you every single time.  It's been about 100 degrees each day, but somehow the walks are bearable when the sights are so stellar.

12 south in nashville

The trendy, reinitialized and reused 12 South neighborhood on the southeast end of Nashville stole our hearts.  We knew it would based on the brands and restaurants that have taken up residence in this area.  But man even if that fair warning, we were floored by its appeal.

the H I G H L I N E

Since it opened in 2009, I knew the High Line was going to be a favorite spot for me, but it wasn't until this most recent trip to New York that I fell in love!  I credit the sunset timing, the company, and the WEATHER.  But man, it was perfection. Here are just a few highlights.

pink bellies

I, just like everyone in this town, LOVE Pink Bellies. They have a fun, interesting menu that changes often, but I find myself constantly craving the Pulled Pork Bahn Mi sandwich that's loaded with cilantro and carrots, pork bursting with flavor, and a blueberry jam that really balances out the salty pork with a pop of sweet.  I love this place, the people like Ty who work there, and the convenient, CONSISTENT, location.

four quarters of george

It's no surprise by now that I'm utterly fascinated/completely obsessed with George. Luckily I was able to capture this sweet little angel at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and one year.  Check out this precious boy at all four quarters of his first year on this earth!

baby george at ONE

Had an absolute blast at this little one's first birthday party.  Still the cutest, sweetest, happiest little boy I've ever seen in my entire life. Then to top it all off, I got to have a little first birthday photo shoot with the dude a few days later. He loved watching bubbles fly by and had a precious moment with his uber-sweet momma. Love these people and so glad I know them!

slade + sydney

Have you ever known children that are just genuinely happy and joy-spreading? These two take the cake. I love these kids with all my heart and tried my hardest to capture their larger-than-life personalities through a lens. Beautiful faces, beautiful hearts.


2 nixons

Gotta say I love the concept behind 2 nixons, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE pop ups. The brothy behind their ramen was solid, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the pepperoni spin. It was a delicious, warm thing to have on hand on a bitter cold Sunday, at least at Revelry Brewing Co.


I like CO because of 1) its location and 2) its happy hour.  Besides the rare occasion I'm craving a specific noodle dish and only have 10 minutes, CO is usually not on my must-hit craving list.  Their version of ramen was...different.  TONS of food but different. If I had to praise them in a category, it would certainly be their happy hour menu and prices. So go for that after an exhausting day of shopping on King.

early bird diner ramen

I've always enjoyed the twisted comfort food that Early Bird Diner puts out like fried chicken with lavender honey (and all the southern sides you can dream for) but I'm just not the type to order their take on a noodle bowl outright. Since it was part of the job that day (for the Post & Courier feature) I embraced it and was left with the feeling that this is chicken noodle soup, perfect for a sick day.

two boroughs larder noodles

I've never been shy about our love of this little place---but on that Saturday when we went in to cover noodles, it was simply an off day.  I have to admit their ingredient selection for building noodle bowls is a favorite, but on this day the noodles were just off, the broth was too much, and it lacked that satisfying pleasure that Austin and I have always relished in at dinner . So my conclusion: this is a dinner thing, never a lunch thing. Period.  (Still love you, Walter!)


Out of all the ramen we tried, this was the most creative --- I really enjoyed the cajun essence of this dish, and every piece of the puzzle had great flavor and texture---each fragment could probably stand on its own pretty well, so putting it all together as one was a bonus.  I like Warehouse a ton for its ambiance and general vibe or concept, but this ramen just elevated it to a whole new level for me.