chez nous

The walk down its Charleston side street doesn’t necessarily take me back to my walks in Paris, but the ambience and tastes that Chez Nous provides certainly are reminiscent.  The postage stamp footprint yields a cozy interior, with tight spaces and elbow-to-elbow dining, yet an adorable outdoor space for al fresco meals pulls at the heartstrings. The courses were on point and the service was just as it should be, but the best part of our meal there was the memory days after we left—such a quaint, cozy eatery in an unexpected part of midtown rendered a romantic memory of a spontaneous date night that we’re bound to recreate again. Perhaps this means, though I favored the food quite substantially, I can see where Ms. Raskin is coming from in this controversial piece: that the romanticism of this restaurant surpasses all of its other noteworthy qualities. I'm sure this buzz back in May only helps the French food spot.