food and its culture :

Everyone knows that food is my favorite topic, and nothing pleases me more than to talk about places to eat in Charleston or elsewhere. But my love of food goes deeper. As a preservationist, the desire to conserve resonated with me more than ever expected, so I find that my passion for food extends beyond tastes on my tongue or the beauty of an al fresco brunch.  Growing up in the Lowcountry, southern food culture has instilled in me a desire to analyze and meticulously articulate the need for food culture preservation by way of celebrating the heritage of food, from its origin to its production to the plate. In preservation, outreach and advocacy are the most effective ways to spread the cause. So as the relentless documenter that I am, I've learned that photography is the best way to successfully spread awareness. In this case, the goal is to glorify food history, culture, and preservation so that our future consists of a more authentic culinary climate. 

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